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Gingergrass oil orgin is india, tamil nadu Steam distillation process is used for extraction of Ginger grass oil… The oil is derived from the grass of the plant gingergrass-Cymbopogon martini var. sofia It has yellowish golden colour and a warm earthy aroma. Ginger grass essential oil is a close relative of palma rosa oil, we have bulk......distilled december 2018..... Common Uses: The application of this oil improves blood circulation and provides relaxation from stress. In the perfumery industry, Ginger Grass Oil is added to give a sharp, green scent particularly in men's colognes. From a spiritual perspective Ginger Grass Oil is viewed as mood uplifting, euphoric and as oil.
Dear Gentle Man and Gentle women Greetings of the day. We hope you and your team receiving our e mail message. Our new harvest crop and distilling new lots keeping our warehouse. You and your company dealing and contact international buyers. so we close to following , it become channel supply. We wish to travels sustaining. So this financial year consider some goods-Floral concrete/absolute travels channel supply. What is your opinion/guide to us. Best Regards D.KUMAR Our Inventory Floral concrete Jasmine grandiflorum Jasmine Samabc Tuberose Mimosa Frangipani Rose Lotus Champaca Oliender Floral Absolute Jasmine grandiflorum Jasmine Samabc Tuberose Mimosa Frangipani Rose Lotus Champaca Oliender Essential oil Citronella Lemongrass Eucalypatus globlus Eucalypatus citridora Palmarosa Gingergrass Basil Davana Carrier/Vegitable oil Moringa Seed oil Neen oil Pongam oil Gingly oil Coconut oil Cosmetic Grade Wax Jasmine grandiflorum Jasmine Samabc Tuberose Mimosa Frangipani Rose Lotus Champaca Multiporpose  Wax Jasmine grandiflorum Jasmine Samabc Tuberose Mimosa Frangipani Rose Lotus Hydrosol Jasmine grandiflorum Jasmine sambac Tuberose Frangipani Pink Lotus Rose Mimosa Champak Sandalwood Lavender Basil Lemon Orange sweet Lime Rosemary Neem Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate Coffee Tea Gardenia Ylang ylang Teatree Cardamom Ginger Turmeric Eucalypatus Mint Herb -Raw 1.Aswaganda powder  stock 225kg 2.Neem leaf powder  stock  3100kg  3. Moringa leaf powder  stock 1450kg 4.Kalamegh powder Stock 2300kg 5. Noni Fruit  powder  stock 2500kg  6. Tulsi whole plant powder  stock 1600kg 7.Ginger powder  stock 2050kg 8.Papaya leaf  powder    stock 70kg 9.Gymenima t cut leaf  stock 360kg 10.morina leaf  stock 2400kg 11.mulberry t cut leaf  stock 200kg 13.Bitter gourd powder Stock 1600kg ( after confirmation 10 days time 4 tons possible. 14Organic moringa leaf powder (stock 650kgs )  15mint (pundina) leaf  (stock 518kg ) 16Curry leaf powder ( stock 700Kg)  17Ajwani powder  ( stock 550kg)   Other herbs above 500kg will take time one week time Best Wishes....Enjoy joyfully travels by humanity....and showing good way to next generation.........Love to Six of the seven stages of start play.....
FLORAL ABSOLUTE/CONCRTE We offer a wide variety of Floral Absolutes/concrete. We offer ranges of the products JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM CONCRETE JASMINE SAMBAC CONCRETE TUBEROSE CONCRETE FRANGIPANI CONCRETE PINK LOTUS CONCRTE CHAMPACA CONCRTE MIMOSA CONCRTE ROSE CENTIFOLIEA CONCRTE JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM ABSOLUTE JASMINE SAMBAC ABSOLUTE TUBEROSE ABSOLUTE FRANGIPANI ABSOLUTE PINK LOTUS ABSOLUTE CHAMPACA ABSOLUTE MIMOSA ABSOLUTE ROSE CENTIFOLIEA ABSOLUTE Used in perfumery and aromatherapy, absolutes are similar to essential oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixtures extracted from plants. Essential Oils from India. We offer bulk range eucalyptus and citronella oils.
Jasmine grandiflorum Concrete Jasmine, the name of a fun-loving fragrance, provides a unique and enthusiastic aroma. The fragrance of jasmine is joined with our culture in the forms of spirituality, tradition and also medicine. Jasmines are a group of shrubs grown commercially for production of their fragrant flowers and essential oil. The bulk of the flowers are used as such in garlands and decorative branches for religious offerings, and a small quantity is used for production of oils and attars. Jasmine concrete and absolute are used in high-grade perfumes, Odor profile: sweet narcotic scent that is floral but with an animalic background like living flesh, can be piercingly sweet and carry scent a mile off. Jasmine concrete is a yellowish brown waxy mass with a characteristic odor of jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers are utilized for scores of purposes—in Aromatherapy, for tranquillizing, for bathing, in cosmetics and many more.