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Lemongrass Essential oil manufacturer in Hosur Tamil nadu ALLURED HINDFRAG-AHF manufacturing Lemongrass essential oil in India Botanicale Name_ Cymbopogon flexuosus Others Name_Lemon Grass, Oil grass, West Indian lemon grass • Hindi: गंधत्रिण Gandhatrina • Manipuri: হাওনা Haona • Marathi: Olecha • Tamil: கர்ப்பூரப்புல் Karppurappul • Malayalam: Vasana Pullu • Telugu: Nimmagaddi • Kannada: Majjigehullu • Bengali: গংধবেনা Gandhabena • Konkani: Oli-cha • Gujarati: લિલિચા Lilicha • Sanskrit: Bhustrina Product description_ Lemongrass essential oil obtained by steam distilled in semi dry grass of the Cymbopogon flexuosus . Apperence_ Lemongrass essential oil is a Yellowish white - pale yellow Color Liquied with odour is Fresh and lemon-like, See also lemon myrtle on lemon fragrance. Packaging_Suitable packing Sizes with AL/SS/Glass Bottle / Can / Drum with carton Box Feautures_ Lemongrass essential oil is added in cosmetic, perfumery, Pharma compositions. Disclaimer_ We believe the above information to be correct but we do not present it as all - inclusive and as such should be used as guide. Since many factors affect the processing and application of our product, processors should carry out their own tests before any particular application.
FLORAL ABSOLUTE/CONCRTE We offer a wide variety of Floral Absolutes/concrete. We offer ranges of the products JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM CONCRETE JASMINE SAMBAC CONCRETE TUBEROSE CONCRETE FRANGIPANI CONCRETE PINK LOTUS CONCRTE CHAMPACA CONCRTE MIMOSA CONCRTE ROSE CENTIFOLIEA CONCRTE JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM ABSOLUTE JASMINE SAMBAC ABSOLUTE TUBEROSE ABSOLUTE FRANGIPANI ABSOLUTE PINK LOTUS ABSOLUTE CHAMPACA ABSOLUTE MIMOSA ABSOLUTE ROSE CENTIFOLIEA ABSOLUTE Used in perfumery and aromatherapy, absolutes are similar to essential oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixtures extracted from plants. Essential Oils from India. We offer bulk range eucalyptus and citronella oils.
Jasmine grandiflorum Concrete Jasmine, the name of a fun-loving fragrance, provides a unique and enthusiastic aroma. The fragrance of jasmine is joined with our culture in the forms of spirituality, tradition and also medicine. Jasmines are a group of shrubs grown commercially for production of their fragrant flowers and essential oil. The bulk of the flowers are used as such in garlands and decorative branches for religious offerings, and a small quantity is used for production of oils and attars. Jasmine concrete and absolute are used in high-grade perfumes, Odor profile: sweet narcotic scent that is floral but with an animalic background like living flesh, can be piercingly sweet and carry scent a mile off. Jasmine concrete is a yellowish brown waxy mass with a characteristic odor of jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers are utilized for scores of purposes—in Aromatherapy, for tranquillizing, for bathing, in cosmetics and many more.