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Tuberose floral concrete manufacturer in India

ALLURED HINDFRAG-AHF manufacturing Tuberose floral concrete in india Botanicale Name_ Polianthes Tuberosa L. Others Name_ Mexican tuberose • Hindi: Rajanigandha, Nishigandha रजनीगंधा • Manipuri: কুন্দালৈ অংগৌবা Kundalei angouba • Urdu: Gul shabbo गुल शब्बो • Marathi: Gulcheri • Kannada: sukandaraji • Telugu: Nelasampengi • Tamil: Nila Sampangi. Product description_ Tuberose concrete obtained exclusively by solvent extraction from fresh flowers of Polianthes Tuberosa L.. Apperence_Tuberose concrete is a Golden brownish to yellow Color with waxy solid contains natural perfume,plant waxes,albuminous and coloring matters. Packaging_Suitable packing Sizes with AL/SS/Glass Bottle / Can / Drum with carton Box Feautures_Tuberose concrete is added in cosmetic, perfumery, Pharma compositions. Disclaimer_ We believe the above information to be correct but we do not present it as all - inclusive and as such should be used as guide. Since many factors affect the processing and application of our product , processors should carry out their own tests before any particular application.



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