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Carrier Oil

AHF is a deem name in the export of 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oils. Continual focus on quality has earned an epitome of trust for the company amidst the world market. AHF offers Carrier oil, which is also known as base oil or vegetable oil. Carrier oil, even known as base oil and is predominantly used to dilute essential oils and absolutes. Carrier oils do not have a concentrated aroma but some have a mild smell. Derived from plant sources, each oil possesses individual properties and suitability for use. We can supply the following carrier Oils from various orgin goods. ALMOND OIL SWEET ALMOND OIL VIRGIN ALOE VERA OIL APRICOT KERNEL OIL AVOCADA OIL BORAGE OIL CARROT OIL COCONUT OIL CUCUMBER OIL EVENING PRIMROSE OIL GRAPESEED OIL HAZEL NUT OIL JOJOBA OIL MORINGA OIL MACADAMIA OIL NEEM OIL OLIVE OIL PEACH OIL PEANUT OIL ROSEHIP OIL SEASAME OIL SOYA BEAN OIL SUNFLOWER OIL SWEET ALMOND OIL SWEET CHERRY KERNEL OIL WALNUT OIL WATER MELON OIL WHEATGERM OIL



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